Danielle Stewart for Mayor of Beckley

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Almost 1,500 of our family and friends left Beckley for better opportunities over the last 10 years.  That equals about 500 empty houses!

I am running for Mayor because I want my daughters to stay home in Beckley.  30 years ago, I left Beckley for better opportunities, and I am fortunate I could return to my family, friends, and the community I love.  Today my children face that same decision.  They look at our current economy and see no opportunities for growth.  They look at our crumbling streets, sidewalks, and buildings and wonder why nobody does anything about it.  They see the big box stores and chain restaurants crushing our small business owners, knowing that all we do is pay our money to out of state business interests.  Everywhere they turn they see trash, drugs, homelessness, and crime.  Worst of all my children see a city with no future and no hope.  Both of my children want to leave Beckley.  This is my story and it echoes the story of so many of our families in Beckley. 


It doesn’t have to be this way and I am determined to change it.  Beckley has a rich history but unfortunately, many of our leaders continue to look backward.  I spent the last 4 years in meetings and working with incredible residents and organizations to improve our city and I know that together, we can create a Beckley for the residents of Beckley. 


Creation takes a leader.  A leader that doesn’t just see the struggles of our families but has personally lived those struggles and overcame them. A leader with experience in breaking through outdated systems and embracing thoughtful, deliberate change.  A leader with the knowledge, skills, and most of all passion to make our city work for ALL residents again.


I am that Leader.

I will create a city where our elected officials keep our residents informed of city business, and answers are easy to find.  I will create a city where our families can walk to the playground or store without fear of being run over by a car or a victim of crime.  I will create a city where people find meaningful, fulfilling, and well paying jobs so they can start their families and enjoy their lives.  I will create a city where diversity is not just accepted, but respected and celebrated.  I will create a city that our children are proud to call home.


The only piece missing is You.

Vote Danielle Stewart Mayor of Beckley