Danielle Stewart for Mayor of Beckley

How We Create Our Future

United through mutual respect, common goals, and hard work the residents and businesses of Beckley will

Create Our Future

led by a city government that is responsive to the needs of our community and focused on a

Beckley for Beckley

We will support small businesses and retain our workforce

     1. Lower startup costs for new businesses through economic incentives

     2. Work with existing small businesses to lower operating costs and develop economies of scale

     3. Designate and support city “Opportunity Zones” for business development

     4. Coordinate and sponsor quarterly community wide job fairs

     5. Create a Young Professionals Initiative to attract and retain our college graduates

     6. Identify city entities that compete with private businesses and eliminate city efforts

     7. Identify and eliminate economic barriers imposed by the city

     8. Actively and openly market Beckley to individuals throughout the region as a place to live and raise a family in order to increase the available workforce

     9. Improve the quality of life for residents through community beautification, public art, healthy leisure activities, and a clean, safe environment

We will celebrate our diversity to make everyone feel welcome

     1. Protect our diverse population from discrimination in employment and housing and ensure fair accommodations for our elderly and disabled community members

     2. Highlight our diversity in marketing campaigns throughout the state and region

     3. Improve the attractiveness of our community to tourists, visitors, and businesses by installing multilingual signs in the city

We will improve infrastructure and housing

     1. Host monthly infrastructure improvement meetings with utilities and state agencies to coordinate efforts at modernizing our city

     2. Prioritize neighborhoods for infrastructure improvements

     3. Lobby elected county and state officials to focus on cities and population centers versus "Roads to Nowhere"

     4. Work with property owners and builders to ensure housing meets minimum HUD and ADA standards – ending slum lords and substandard housing

     5. Provide incentives property owners to renovate or develop abandoned properties 

We will have a city government that communicates with the community

(Link: Position Paper #1)

    1. Create an Office of Public Information and Government Transparency

    2. Utilize modern communication platforms to inform residents of city operations

    3. Enforce the open meeting policy, including the public broadcast of all city meetings

    4. Create city outreach offices in each ward to connect residents to city services

    5. Host quarterly Listening Sessions by ward to seek community input on city operations

And this is just the Start!